Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Video is here!!

Thank you to everyone who came to participate in this event.  A dedication ceremony is in the works for late September early October.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Dot Day!

Thank you to everyone who participated!  We got a lot of dots and will offer another chance to add your home to the map in a couple of weeks...

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Video pt. one

Here is the first take of the video in progress.  For some reason the blog won't let me up load so here is a link to it on You Tube...


Phase III: Part VI

It's dark.  It was late.  
After a long day of playing "I spy" for eye sores, it was to the point where we could say it's done, or it was just too dark to be a perfectionist.

Looking forward to Saturday for the addition of the dots!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Phase III: Part V

End of day five....now it's time for perfection!

Phase III: Part IV

end of day four...

time lapse movie coming soon!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Phase Two: the Projection!

On Friday, we projected the image using an overhead projector and a transparency of the map image.  I first made the lines in pencil, then with help, painted the lines in. 

There was a lot of buzz around this illuminated event...thank you to everyone who stopped by!  A special thanks to Selena Lounds, Dylan Parker and Michelle for their help painting and to Dan Ceusters and Kathleen Hayek for being great cheerleaders!  Special thanks to Scott Olster for his interest in the project and facilitating great community conversation.

Full Moon: Phase One

We broke ground, or rather wall on Tillie's Mural!

After an intense power washing, we were visited by angel Paul who helped up fix the missing mortar.  We then drew the circle using wire and oil pastel.  We filled it in using weather-proofing sealer.

It looked like a full moon....

Special thank you to Amos and Romi...my manly heros and to Paul, our mural angel who floated in with the right tools just when we needed a solution.  Thanks also to Angela Earley, the talented artist who did the high ladder painting into the wee hours of night...

Monday, June 2, 2008

Projected Painting Schedule

I am planning on painting on these days and seeking volunteers for any time that you are available and want to jump in...

Corner of Vanderbilt and Dekalb in Clinton Hill/Ft. Greene Brooklyn.  Side wall of Tillie's Coffee Shop.  

C or G to Clinton Washington, Clinton Side, one block west to Vanderbilt.

These dates and times are subject to change, dependent on weather.

Friday June 13th: 6-?:  Projection of the image and drawing out the map
Saturday June 14th: 12-4pm:  General Painting
Sunday, June 15th: 12-4pm:  General Painting
Monday, June 16th: 3-7pm:  General Painting
Wednesday, June 17th:  3-7pm: General Painting, push to finish and details
Thursday, June 18th (if needed): 3-7pm
Saturday, June 21st: 12-6pm.   Community Painting day and Dedication Ceremony.  Refreshments provided by Tillies.  Come put your mark on the Mural!
Sunday, June 22nd: 12-?  exterior varnish and general finishing

Dedications and Donations

This mural is being made possible with donations from community members and organizations.

South of the Navy Yard Artist has partnered with me to create SONYA Mural arts Fund, which will be used to create and implement murals and public art project that support youth and neighborhoods in Brooklyn.  The public is invited to make tax-deductible donations by visiting SONYA's website: http://www.sonyaonline.org and click on donate, then note " Mural arts fund" under special instructions so the funds can be allocated properly.

With fiscal sponsorship and support from SONYA, this mural is being funded by a grant from the Puffin Foundation and with a generous donation from the Society for Clinton Hill.  It is also supported by:  the Landmarks Commission, the Community Board of Kings County, building owner Danny Browne, Tillie's owners, Patricia Mulcahy and Amos Yogev and many enthusiastic community members.  

Sketches of what to expect

Painted sketch of image for wall
idea of what's to come...

this is the map of Clinton Hill/Ft. Greene that will be projected on the wall.

Tillie's coffee shop is on Delkab ave and Vanderbilt Ave:  the exact center, both east and west and north and south, of Clinton Hill and Ft. Greene.  The purpose of the mural is to connect these two diverse neighborhoods in one place and to raise awareness of just how close we are to each other.  The blank wall of Tillie's is perfect for this venture.  

And we're off!

With much planning finished, we are getting ready to start painting our community mural starting on June 13th with a projection and painting session starting around 6pm.  We will continue to paint throughout the week.  I have been reluctant to set a schedule for the week of painting, but as it gets closer I realize that I might have to...so stay tuned for that.

On Saturday, June 21st from 12-6pm we will have our dedication celebration and community painting day where everyone will be invited to participate by adding a dot to the mural, denoting where they live.

This is a really exciting project and we hope that it unifies this very diverse and quickly changing neighborhood.  

Keep checking the blog for progress pictures and schedules!